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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 152, Issue 1, February 2005

Volume 152, Issue 1

February 2005

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    • Packet-loss modelling in IP networks with state-duration constraints
      Parallel LSPs for constraint-based routing and load balancing in MPLS networks
      Fair TCP congestion control in heterogeneous networks with explicit congestion notification
      Fair admission control in QoS capable networks
      Robust iterative decoding of turbo codes in heavy-tailed noise
      Velocity-assisted paging in PCS through stochastic modelling of terminal displacement
      Performance analysis of dynamic packet assignment in cellular systems with OFDMA
      Pre-emptive channel allocation model for heterogeneous cellular networks
      New forms of cumulative probability distribution and their applications in communications
      Error analysis of M-QAM with equal-gain diversity over generalised fading channels
      MIMO OFDM for broadband fixed wireless access
      Empirical analysis of the correlation of MIMO channels in indoor scenarios at 2 GHz
      Joint spatial and temporal channel-shortening techniques for frequency selective fading MIMO channels
      Block spectral precoding for blind multiuser detection of DS/CDMA signals
      Effect of spatial fading correlation on CDMA code-acquisition performance
      Implementation of Costas loop using CORDIC algorithm for software radio applications
      Dynamic routing, wavelength, and fibre selection algorithms for multifibre WDM grooming networks

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