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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 151, Issue 6, December 2004

Volume 151, Issue 6

December 2004

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    • Implementing fair bandwidth allocation schemes in hose-modelled VPN
      Performance analysis of the signal-code-modulation technique
      Design of an efficient load balancing algorithm on distributed networks by employing symmetric balanced incomplete block design
      Novel statistical network model: the hyperbolic distribution
      Performance analysis of ROHC U-mode in wireless links
      Delay guaranteed bandwidth allocation for real-time video delivery
      Delay-spread estimation using cyclic-prefix in wireless OFDM systems
      LDPC-based space –time coded OFDM systems with channel estimation
      Performance analysis of M-ary DS-CDMA systems with imperfect power control
      TCP-aware power and rate adaptation in DS/CDMA networks
      Performance evaluation of W-CDMA in actual impulsive noise scenarios using adaptive antennas
      Cell planning scheme for WCDMA systems using genetic algorithm and measured background noise floor
      Spherical sequences with low aperiodic crosscorrelation
      Adaptive joint beamforming and B-MMSE detection under multipath interference
      Quantiser design for AWGN and Rayleigh fading BPSK channels with soft output decoding
      Classification of MFSK signals over time-varying flat correlated fading channels under class-A impulsive noise environment
      Application of space–time transmit diversity to single-carrier transmission with frequency-domain equalisation and receive antenna diversity in a frequency-selective fading channel

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