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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 151, Issue 4, August 2004

Volume 151, Issue 4

August 2004

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    • Asymptotically minimum BER linear block precoders for MMSE equalisation
      Reduced-decision feedback FLANN nonlinear channel equaliser for digital communication systems
      Model for undirected transitive signatures
      Space – time ring TCM codes for QAM over fading channels
      Packet-loss resilient coding scheme with only XOR operations
      Drop behaviour of random early detection with discrete-time batch Markovian arrival process
      TCP performance enhancement over mobile IPv6: innovative fragmentation avoidance and adaptive routing techniques
      AQM controller design for IP routers supporting TCP flows based on pole placement
      Measurement and modelling of self-similar traffic in computer networks
      Double chip waveforms for asynchronous DS-CDMA systems with random signature sequences
      Generalised Sarwate bounds on the aperiodic correlation of sequences over complex roots of unity
      Decision feedback with rollout for multiuser detection in synchronous CDMA
      STAR channel estimation in DS-CDMA communication systems
      Effect of channel conditions and antenna parameters on the performance analysis of compact antenna arrays
      Volterra-series-based analytic technique to assess the power density spectrum of nonlinearly distorted OFDM signals

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