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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 151, Issue 3, June 2004

Volume 151, Issue 3

June 2004

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    • Thought communication and control: a first step using radiotelegraphy
      On-demand packet discard scheme for TCP over ATM-UBR service
      Base-station network planning including environmental impact control
      Satellite constellation design and radio resource management using genetic algorithm
      Receiver performance of frequency division multiple access using spectrally overlapping signals
      Throughput–delay performance of interference level-adaptive transmission in voice/data integrated CDMA network with variable spreading gain
    • Editorial: Internet protocols, technology and applications (VoIP)
      Supporting real-time IP traffic with enhanced service classes in DiffServ networks
      Provision of quality of service using active scheduling
      Comparison of end-system IPv6 protocol stacks
      Loose-strain loop-free conditions for multiple path IP routing
      Long-run performance analysis of a multi-scale TCP traffic model
      Analysis of cross issues between QoS routing and μ-mobility protocols
      Voice over IP in Intranet and Internet environments
      Analysis of MPEG-4 scalable encoded video
      New TCP-friendly, rate-based transport protocol for media streaming applications
      Number of floors for a voice-only conference on packet networks – a conjecture
      Detecting DDOS attack based on network self-similarity

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