IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 150, Issue 5, October 2003

Volume 150, Issue 5

October 2003

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    • Efficient encoding and decoding algorithms for variable-length entropy codes
      New lower bounds on symbol error probability for MLSD of CPM signals on AWGN channel
      Design of multidimensional signal constellations
      Data sources for simulation of m-ary systems
      Joint predistortion and nonlinear equalisation for high-capacity wireless links
      Performance estimation of M-ary PSK in co-channel interference using fast simulation
      Analytical technique for accelerating the simulation of packet networks
      Comprehensive performance model of differentiated service with token bucket marker
      Parallel matching algorithm for CIOQ switches with multiple traffic classes
      Performance analysis of rate control with scaling QoS parameters for multimedia transmissions
      Local stability of random exponential marking
      Impact of congestion on the stability of a multicast tree in cumulative layered multicast
      Reliable multicast routing in mobile networks: a neural-network approach
      Necessary and sufficient conditions for optimal flow control in multirate multicast networks
      Equal resource sharing allocation with QoS differentiation for conversational services in wireless communication networks
      Application of three-branch polarisation diversity in the indoor environment
      Modified prime-hop codes for optical CDMA systems

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