IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 150, Issue 4, August 2003

Volume 150, Issue 4

August 2003

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    • Using packet size distributions to identify real-time networked applications
      Theoretical performance analysis of mirroring World Wide Web sites
      Aggressive resource reservation for OBS systems
      Design and prototyping of an E1 Drop_Insert soft core
      Design of a new time orthogonal multiuser line code
      Analysis, implementation and application of an ordered statistics decoder for the seRS(16,14) code
      Channel sounder for 5.5 GHz wireless channels
      Time – frequency channel estimation for digital amplitude modulation broadcasting systems based on OFDM
      Kalman filter application for mitigation of nonlinear effects in multicarrier communication systems
      Sensitivity to fading estimates in maximal ratio combining
      Communication receivers based on Markov models of the fading channel
      Multiuser interference suppression in wideband broadcast CDMA networks
      Novel two-dimensional multistage interference cancellation scheme for uplink transmission of single carrier cyclic prefix-assisted CDMA system
      Performance of a CDMA-based HCS network with hybrid speed/overflow-sensitive handover strategy
      Connection management for broadband mobile satellite systems

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