IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 150, Issue 3, June 2003

Volume 150, Issue 3

June 2003

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    • Signalling constellations for power-efficient bit-interleaved coded modulation schemes
      Combined turbo equalisation and block turbo coded modulation
      High-performance scheduler to achieveproportional delay differentiation
      Waiting time distribution for the M/M/m queue
      Towards an adaptive RED algorithm for achieving delay–loss performance
      Rate controller for high-speed networks
      Aggregation technique for networks with power law traffic and application to accelerated simulation
      ATM switch with dual transceiver ring architecture
      Queueing analysis of an ATM multimedia multiplexer with non-pre-emptive priority
      Traffic grooming on general topology WDM networks
      Performance of a digital code tracking loop for DSSS systems in the presence of Doppler shift
      K-step pointer forwarding strategy for location tracking in distributed HLR environment
      Performance analysis of MC-CDMA in Rayleigh fading channels with correlated envelopes and phases

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