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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 149, Issue 5-6, October–December 2002

Volume 149, Issue 5

October–December 2002

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    • Multiple additively constrained path selection
      Subsets of the STM-1 frame-alignment signal: a monitoring analysis
      Collision resolution in contention access local area networks using concatenated prime sequences
      Neural approach to detecting communication network events
      IP routing by an optical spectral-amplitude-coding CDMA network
      Markov decision theory framework for resource allocation in LEO satellite constellations
      Modelling of a VSAT link physical layer fade countermeasure controlled at the data link layer
      Fault localisation and recovery in multichannel ATM switches
      QoS-guaranteed fuzzy transmission controller for dynamic TDMA protocol in multimedia communication systems
      Multirate asynchronous optical CDMA system with product code

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