IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 148, Issue 4, August 2001

Volume 148, Issue 4

August 2001

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    • Optimal packetisation of MPEG-4 using RTP over mobile networks
      Analysis of IP voice conferencing over EuroSkyWay satellite system
      Universal serial bus implementation in an integrated access chip for ISDN systems
      Improving the performance of the FPBA algorithm using random transmitter power levels
      Admission control for hard real-time connections in ATM LANs
      Performance of hybrid II ARQ schemes using punctured RS code for wireless ATM
      Finite-length decision-feedback equalisation for optimum combining diversity in digital cellular mobile radio
      CMA-based nonlinear blind equaliser modelled by a two-layer feedforward neural network
      Adaptive least mean square CDMA detection with Gram–Schmidt pre-processing
      Noise and intercept point calculation for modern radio receiver planning
      Cryptographic key assignment scheme for overcoming the incorrectness of the CHW scheme

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