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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 147, Issue 6, December 2000

Volume 147, Issue 6

December 2000

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    • Congestion reduction in transmission of video over ABR networks
      Multiple access control protocol for integrated isochronous and bursty data services
      Long-range dependence and self-similarity in World Wide Web proxy cache references
      Acyclic Tanner graphs and maximum-likelihood decoding of linear block codes
      High-speed decoding of extended Golay code
      Improved union bounds on turbo codes performance
      Anonymous public-key certificates for anonymous and fair document exchange
      Improved lower bounds on the symbol error probability for ISI channels
      Performance of DS code acquisition in static and fading multipath channels
      Peak-to-average ratio (PAR) reduction by Walsh-code selection for IS-95 and CDMA2000 systems
      Performance of multi-code CDMA in a multipath fading channel
      Downlink transmit diversity schemes for CDMA networks

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