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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 147, Issue 3, June 2000

Volume 147, Issue 3

June 2000

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    • Iterative soft-decision decoding of linear block codes
      Adaptable Viterbi detector for a decomposed CPM model over rings of integers
      Planar approximation for the least reliable bit log-likelihood ratio of 8-PSK modulation
      Tamed frequency modulation detection analysis with NEC receivers
      Bit-error probabilities for 2- and 4-DPSK in general Nakagami fading channels with correlated Gaussian noise
      Multiple-symbol differential detection of π/4-DQPSK in land mobile satellite communication channels
      Quasi-deterministic space–time second-order blind sequence estimation
      Efficient digital predistortion in radio delay links with nonlinear power amplifiers
      Traffic performance analysis of the integrated dual-band cellular radio networks
      Decomposidon technique for fixed channel assignment problems in mobile radio networks
      Simulation of reflection effects for a dedicated short range microwave communication system

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