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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 147, Issue 1, February 2000

Volume 147, Issue 1

February 2000

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    • Design of trellis decoders for block-coded modulation schemes
      Step-by-step decoding algorithm for Reed–Solomon codes
      Design of optimum M-PSK codes for Rayleigh fading channel
      Optimum delay and mean square error using a mixed crosscorrelation and constant modulus algorithm
      Proportionally fair pricing: dynamics, stability and pathology
      DBG MANs and their routing performance
      Performance analysis method for optical codes in coherent optical CDMA networks
      ATM-level performance analysis on a DS-CDMA satellite link using DTX
      Annealed neural network based multiuser detector in code division multiple access communications
      Intelligent location tracking strategy in PCS

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