IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 146, Issue 1, February 1999

Volume 146, Issue 1

February 1999

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    • Minimum cost wavelength-path routing and wavelength allocation using a genetic-algorithm/heuristic hybrid approach
      Cell loss probability of a finite ATM buffer queue
      Novel group-based spreading code protocol: hierarchy schedule sensing protocol for CDMA wireless networks
      Performance comparison of spread-spectrum methods on an interference-limited HF channel
      Blind adaptive algorithm for demodulation of DS/CDMA signals with mismatch
      Adaptive multilevel code selection and MUI cancellation for DS/CDMA over fading channel
      Performance analysis of an FFT-based FFH/BFSK product-combining receiver with partial-band jamming
      Co-channel interference analysis for mobile radio suffering lognormal shadowed Nakagami fading
      Adaptive equalisation of frequency selective multipath fading channels based on sample selection
      Availability and performance of satellite links suffering from interference by an adjacent satellite and rain fades
      New quasi-analytic BER estimation technique on the nonlinear satellite communication channels

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