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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 145, Issue 5, October 1998

Volume 145, Issue 5

October 1998

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    • Threshold decoding and a new class of threshold decodable codes
      Construction of 2n extended prime codes with cross-correlation constraint of one
      Authenticated key exchange protocols resistant to password guessing attacks
      Convolutional coding for bandlimited channels
      Space translation properties and the minimum-BER linear-combiner DFE
      Fuzzy implementation of a Bayesian equaliser in the presence of intersymbol and co-channel interference
      Priority queueing system with fixed-length packet-train arrivals
      Novel accelerated simulation techniques for low bit error rate communication systems
      Multimedia transport in multihop wireless networks
      Reservation arbitrated access for efficient service integration over dual-bus metropolitan area networks
      Characteristics of closed loop power control algorithms for a cellular DS/CDMA system
      Performance of hybrid OCA–FD/CDMA for cellular mobile communications
      Multiple chip-rate DS/CDMA system and its spreading code dependent performance analysis
      Teletraffic analysis of an integrated satellite/terrestrial mobile radio system based on nongeostationary satellites

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