IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 145, Issue 3, June 1998

Volume 145, Issue 3

June 1998

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    • Coding for coherent optical CDMA networks
      Systolic decoder for burst error-correcting codes
      Fast and accurate estimation of ATM quality-of-service parameters with applications to call admission control
      Delay performance of an input queueing packet switch with two priority classes
      Design of knockout concentrators
      Priority queue with two-state Markov-modulated arrivals
      Evaluation of reservation-arbitrated access schemes for statistical multiplexing of variable-bit-rate video traffic over dual-bus metropolitan area networks
      Extended UK models for high frequency spectral occupancy
      Finding sufficient inputs to calculate communications channel capacity
      Smart codec: an adaptive packet data link
      Improving the capacity of CDMA systems using convolutional coding and interference cancellation
      Digital techniques for mobile radio chirp sounders
      Improved fading distribution for mobile radio
      New channel access protocol for a wide area DGPS deformation monitoring network

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