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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 141, Issue 5, October 1994

Volume 141, Issue 5

October 1994

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    • Trellis decoding technique for block RLL/ECC
      Soft decision decoding of Reed-Solomon codes using trellis methods
      Improvement of noncoherent orthogonal coding by time overlapping
      Fast sequential decoding algorithm based on dynamic searching strategy
      Design of a high performance nonblocking copy network for multicast ATM switching
      New hybrid MAC-layer protocol for real-time bus networks
      Further results on receivers for the nonlinear channel including pre- and post-nonlinearity filtering
      Simplified error bound analysis for M-DPSK in fading channels with diversity reception
      Capacity of a cellular time division duplex CDMA system
      Error performance for diversity DS-SSMA communications in fading channels

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