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IEE Proceedings - Communications

Volume 141, Issue 4, August 1994

Volume 141, Issue 4

August 1994

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    • Error correction capabilities of binary mapped Reed-Solomon codes with parity bits appended to all symbols
      Sequential decoding of convolutional codes by a compressed multiple queue algorithm
      Performance analysis for a convolutionally coded DPSK meteor-burst communication system
      Alternative to NASA's concatenated coding system for the Galileo mission
      Concatenated codes using multilevel structures for PSK signalling over the Rayleigh fading channel
      Optimum modulation and diversity for DS-SS communication over Rayleigh fading channels subject to pulse burst interference
      Performance of joint frequency phase modulation over Rayleigh fading channels
      Performance analysis of ATM switches using priority schemes
      Design and performance analysis of input-output buffering delta-based ATM switch with backpressure mechanism
      Transmission of compressed voice over integrated services frame relay networks: priority service and adaptive buildout delay
      Discrete queueing analysis of a star network
      Two-centre tree topologies for metropolitan area networks
      Connectivity properties of a random radio network

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