IEE Proceedings - Circuits, Devices and Systems

Volume 153, Issue 3, June 2006

Volume 153, Issue 3

June 2006

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    • QCA memory with parallel read/serial write: design and analysis
      Low-power configurable and generic shift register hardware realisations for convolutional encoders and decoders
      Current mode quadrature oscillator using current differencing transconductance amplifiers (CDTA)
      Low-voltage CMOS current-mode circuits: topology and characteristics
      Soft-max circuit design with adjustable gain
      Robust H filter design with filter pole constraints via π-sharing theory
      Magnetic-field-to-digital converter using PWM and TDC techniques
      Low-power/high-performance explicit-pulsed flip-flop using static latch and dynamic pulse generator
      A low-power low-noise CMOS analogue multiplier
      Modelling charge injection in MOS analogue switches using a compact model in a deep submicron technology
      Two-stage placement for VLSI analogue layout designs
      Electrical stressing effects in commercial power VDMOSFETs

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