IEE Proceedings - Circuits, Devices and Systems

Volume 151, Issue 5, October 2004

Volume 151, Issue 5

October 2004

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    • Editorial: Nanoelectronics
      Impact of technology scaling on the 1/f noise of thin and thick gate oxide deep submicron NMOS transistors
      Mobility and transverse electric field effects in channel conduction of wrap-around-gate nanowire MOSFETs
      Design, fabrication and characterisation of strained Si/SiGe MOS transistors
      Digital to analogue converter based on single-electron tunnelling transistor
      Carbon nanotube technology for solid state and vacuum electronics
      Towards individual molecules as electronic components
      Fabrication of nanoscale device using individual colloidal gold nanoparticles
      Study of electron tunnelling through thin polymer films using a mercury probe technique
      Low-frequency noise in polymer thin-film transistors
      Hierarchical tools for the simulation of nanoscale circuits and devices: from artificial to real molecules
      Magnetic cellular automata (MCA) systems
      Nitride-based light-emitting diodes with InGaN/GaN SAQD active layers
      Nanoengineering of materials for field emission display technologies

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