IEE Proceedings - Circuits, Devices and Systems

Volume 151, Issue 2, April 2004

Volume 151, Issue 2

April 2004

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    • Editorial: Noise in devices and circuits
      Effects of body biasing on the low frequency noise of MOSFETs from a 130 nm CMOS technology
      Overview of the impact of downscaling technology on 1/f noise in p-MOSFETs to 90 nm
      Low-frequency noise in advanced CMOS/SOI devices
      Low-frequency noise and radiation response of buried oxides in SOI nMOS transistors
      Review of low-frequency noise behaviour of polysilicon emitter bipolar junction transistors
      Comparison of low-frequency noise in III–V and Si/SiGe HBTs
      Microwave noise in AlGaN/GaN channels
      Non-quasi-static (NQS) thermal noise modelling of the MOS transistor
      Compact modelling of noise for RF CMOS circuit design
      Recombination noise in semiconductor junction devices
      Simulation technique for noise and timing jitter in electronic oscillators
      Moore's law and the energy requirement of computing versus performance

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