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IEE Proceedings C (Generation, Transmission and Distribution)

Volume 140, Issue 6, November 1993

Volume 140, Issue 6

November 1993

Dispatch of capacitors on distribution system using dynamic programming
Improvement on state formulation, stratification and estimation in Monte Carlo production cost simulation
Three terminal line protection based on a superimposed component impedance relay
Modelling multiple injection bus in power system state estimation
Damping torsional oscillations using a SIMO static VAR controller
Calculation of harmonics and interharmonics in HVDC schemes with low DC side impedance
Constrained frequency domain algorithms for determination of parameters of fundamental sinewave of signals
Critical-cluster identification in transient stability studies
Period-doubling route to chaos in an electrical power system
Method for reliability analysis of industrial distribution systems
Operating characteristics of unit and group connected generator-HVDC converter schemes
Simulated annealing based economic dispatch algorithm
Linear-programming-based decomposition method for optimal planning of transmission network investments
Discrete mode power system stabilisers
Monte Carlo simulation model for multiarea generation system reliability studies
Application of Newton optimal power flow to assessment of VAR control sequences on voltage security: case studies for a practical power system

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