IEE Proceedings C (Generation, Transmission and Distribution)

Volume 139, Issue 6, November 1992

Volume 139, Issue 6

November 1992

Adaptive, rule based fault diagnostician for power distribution networks
Numerical approximation of heat run test results of transformers by means of double exponential and power functions
Fuzzy expert systems: an application to short-term load forecasting
Algorithm for load-shedding operations in reduced generation periods
System voltage and reactive power control: A computer-assisted manual/automatic concept
Design model for electrical distribution systems considering renewable, conventional and energy storage units
Modified theory of modal analysis for the modelling of multiwinding transformers
Application of modified modal theory in the modelling of practical transformers
Short-term scheduling of a pumped storage plant
Load modelling for generating capacity reliability evaluation using the frequency and duration method
Production costing using mixed-radix and Winograd Fourier transforms

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