IEE Proceedings C (Generation, Transmission and Distribution)

Volume 138, Issue 1, January 1991

Volume 138, Issue 1

January 1991

Application of pattern recognition techniques for online security-economy and reactive control of power systems
Application of power system stabilisers in a plant with identical units
Method of equal probability overvoltages for calculating risk of failure of power transmission lines
Decomposition approach for minimising real power losses in power systems
Power generation scheduling through use of generalised network flow programming
Studies on asynchronous operation of synchronous machines and related shaft torsional stresses
24-pulse HVDC conversion
Approach to automatic contingency selection by reactive type performance index
Optimal design of electricity distribution networks
Direct solution of distribution systems
Optimal switching of dynamic braking resistor, reactor or capacitor for transient stability of power systems
Frequency and duration method for reliability evaluation of large-scale hydrothermal generating systems
Small rating capacitive energy storage for dynamic performance improvement of automatic generation control

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