IEE Proceedings C (Generation, Transmission and Distribution)

Volume 134, Issue 3, May 1987

Volume 134, Issue 3

May 1987

Capability chart for an HVDC link
Performance tests of a low-fault-level radial transmission system and comparison with computer simulations
Spectral decomposition of variations in electricity loading using mixed radix fast Fourier transform
On the performance of the super-decoupled technique
Erratum: Load-curtailment model for economic loading of thermal generation
Erratum: Describing function applied to HVDC systems harmonic instability
Real-time power system simulation
Reliability equivalents in composite system reliability evaluation
Determination of transient stability regions in state space using local Lyapunov surfaces
Identification of optimum location for stabiliser applications using participation factors
Saturated reactor compensator model. Electromagnetic transient formulation for main- and auxiliary-core winding systems
Adaptive controller for static reactive-power compensators in power systems

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