IEE Proceedings C (Generation, Transmission and Distribution)

Volume 134, Issue 2, March 1987

Volume 134, Issue 2

March 1987

IEE Power Division: Chairman's address. The consulting engineer: a catalyst for progress
Standstill micromachine for turbogenerator parameter studies
Discrete variable structure controller for load frequency control of multiarea interconnected power systems
Extensions and singularities in compensated network solution applicable to security monitoring
Real-time monitoring of power systems using fast second-order method
Describing function applied to HVDC systems harmonic instability
DFT-based procedure for transmission-line transient computation
Principles and procedures of insulation co-ordination
Erratum: Planning of distribution systems in developing countries
Interactive modelling of substation switching operations following a failure event
Harmonic Norton equivalent for the magnetising branch of a transformer
Hydraulic method for the location of oil leaks from pressure-assisted 3-core and single-core cables

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