IEE Proceedings A (Physical Science, Measurement and Instrumentation, Management and Education, Reviews)

Volume 134, Issue 1, January 1987

Volume 134, Issue 1

January 1987

Waste not, want not
IEE Computing & Control Division: Chairman's address. Collaborate or die
IEE Management & Design Division: Chairman's address. Engineer to manager—the challenging transition
IEE Science, Education & Technology Division: Chairman's address. Close encounters of an electrical kind. Electrical science, education and training technology in the Royal Navy—a personal view
High-frequency losses in multiturn foil-wound air-cored inductors
Enhanced charging of fine particles by electrons in pulse-energised electrical precipitators
Low-frequency sensitive force-balance linear standard accelerometer
Multiply connected regions in the A — ψ three-dimensional eddy-current formualtion
Representation and simulation of AC/DC convertor systems using fixed and varying electrical axes
Geometric description of bridge rectifier operational modes using regular polygons
Taking advantage of technology in the international market place, for profit

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