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Volume 8, Issue 6, December 2018

Volume 8, Issue 6

December 2018

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    • Designing learned CO2-based occupancy estimation in smart buildings
      Swarm intelligence-based energy-efficient data delivery in WSAN to virtualise IoT in smart cities
      Using Internet of Things and biosensors technology for health applications
      Architecture design of the air pollution mapping system by mobile crowd sensing
      WiFi-based passive sensing system for human presence and activity event classification
      Design of a novel routing architecture for harsh environment monitoring in heterogeneous WSN
      Survey on power analysis attacks and its impact on intelligent sensor networks
      Smart and self-organised routing algorithm for efficient IoT communications in smart cities
      GVANET project: an efficient deployment of a self-powered, reliable and secured VANET infrastructure
      Comprehensive survey of the IoT open-source OSs
      Cost-effective ubiquitous method for motor vehicle speed estimation using smartphones
      Design and experimental implementation of monitoring system in wireless sensor networks

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