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IET Wireless Sensor Systems

Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2014

Volume 4, Issue 4

December 2014

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    • Editorial
      Energy-efficient data aggregation and transfer in periodic sensor networks
      Multi-level stable and energy-efficient clustering protocol in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
      Impact of outdated channel state information on energy efficiency of co-operative hybrid automatic repeat reQuest in wireless sensor networks
      Cross-layer network lifetime optimisation considering transmit and signal processing power in wireless sensor networks
      Real time emotion detection within a wireless sensor network and its impact on power consumption
      Assessment of a low-profile planar antenna for a wireless sensor network monitoring the local water distribution network
      Assessment of the adaptive routing performance of a Wireless Sensor Network using smart antennas
      Distributed estimation scheme based on cooperative communication in wireless sensor networks
      Optimal topological balancing strategy for performance optimisation of consensus-based clock synchronisation protocols in wireless sensor networks: a genetic algorithm-based approach

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