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Volume 10, Issue 6, December 2020

Volume 10, Issue 6

December 2020

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    • Metaheuristics-based energy efficient clustering in WSNs: challenges and research contributions
    • Hybrid detection algorithm for online faulty sensors identification in wireless sensor networks
      Comparative evaluation of six wireless sensor devices in a high ionizing radiation environment
      ZigBee wireless smart plug network with RSSI multi-lateration-based proximity estimation and parallelised machine learning capabilities for demand response
      Modified threshold for cluster head selection in WSN using first and second order statistics
      Localisation of wireless nodes with partial connectivity in wireless sensor systems
      Performance enhancement of IEEE 802.15.4 by employing RTS/CTS and frame concatenation
      Machine learning-based edge-computing on a multi-level architecture of WSN and IoT for real-time fall detection

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