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  • Control strategy design for the anti-HBV mathematical model
  • Contribution of time delays to p53 oscillation in DNA damage response
  • Identification of a time-varying intracellular signalling model through data clustering and parameter selection: application to NF-B signalling pathway induced by LPS in the presence of BFA
  • Hilbert transform-based time-series analysis of the circadian gene regulatory network
  • Cancer adjuvant chemotherapy prediction model for non-small cell lung cancer
  • Activity assessment of small drug molecules in estrogen receptor using multilevel prediction model
  • Effective sampling trajectory optimisation for sensitivity analysis of biological systems
  • Robust control of HIV infection by antiretroviral therapy: a super-twisting sliding mode control approach
  • Robust multi-objective blood glucose control in Type-1 diabetic patient
  • Modelling and simulation of photosynthetic activities in C3 plants as affected by CO2
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