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IET Systems Biology

Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2013

Volume 7, Issue 5

October 2013

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    • Guest Editorial
      Functional tunability of biological circuits from additional toggle switches
      Gene expression rate comparison for multiple high-throughput datasets
      Gaussian graphical model for identifying significantly responsive regulatory networks from time course high-throughput data
      Wright–Fisher dynamics on adaptive landscape
      Latent factor analysis facilitates modelling of oncogenic genes for colon adenocarcinoma
      Construction and analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism–single nucleotide polymorphism interaction networks
      Small RNA-mediated switch-like regulation in bacterial quorum sensing
      Drug repositioning framework by incorporating functional information
      Gene regulatory network discovery using pairwise Granger causality
      Analysis and simulation of an Adefovir anti-hepatitis B virus infection therapy immune model with alanine aminotransferase
      M-matrix-based stability conditions for genetic regulatory networks with time-varying delays and noise perturbations
      Clustering based on multiple biological information: approach for predicting protein complexes

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