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IET Systems Biology

Volume 3, Issue 5, September 2009

Volume 3, Issue 5

September 2009

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    • Editorial: Selected papers from the Second q-bio Conference on Cellular Information Processing
      Simple model of the transduction of cell-penetrating peptides
      Quantitative statistical description of integrin clusters in adherent cells
      Integrating BioPAX pathway knowledge with SBML models
      Sensitivity analysis predicts that the ERK–pMEK interaction regulates ERK nuclear translocation
      Exploring mechanisms of oscillations in p53 and nuclear factor-κB systems
      Crosstalk between p53 and nuclear factor-κB systems: pro- and anti-apoptotic functions of NF-κB
      Evolution of gene auto-regulation in the presence of noise
      Quantifying evolvability in small biological networks
      Interampatteness – a generic property of biochemical networks
      Scalable learning of large networks
      Identification of gene interactions in fungal–plant symbiosis through discrete dynamical system modelling
      Mesoscopic statistical properties of multistep enzyme-mediated reactions

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