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  • Improving Primary Frequency Response in Networked Microgrid Operations using MLP-Driven Reinforcement Learning
  • Guest Editorial: Machine Learning in Power Systems
  • PTP-based Time Synchronisation of Smart Meter Data for State Estimation in Power Distribution Networks.
  • Ensemble CorrDet with Adaptive Statistics for Bad Data Detection
  • Phase identification using co-association matrix ensemble clustering
  • Stochastic modelling of electric vehicle behaviour to estimate available energy storage in parking lots
  • Learning-based load control to support resilient networked microgrid operations
  • Quickest Attack Detection in Smart Grid Based on Sequential Monte Carlo Filtering
  • Detecting load redistribution attacks via support vector models
  • Coordinated electric vehicle charging to reduce losses without network impedances
  • Studying impacts of communication system performance on dynamic stability of networked microgrid
  • Reliability and power supply capability evaluation of active distribution networks with four-terminal soft open points
  • Blockchain based transactive energy systems for voltage regulation in active distribution networks
  • Corrigendum: Design and techno-economic analysis of plug-in electric vehicle-integrated solar PV charging system for India
  • Evaluation method for supply capability of multiple energy sources in integrated energy microgrid considering reliability constraints
  • Kernel-based online learning for real-time voltage control in distribution networks
  • Optimal co-placement method considering non-homogeneous PMU channel capacities
  • Data-driven virtual power plant bidding package model and its application to virtual VCG auction-based real-time power market
  • Research on hierarchical control and optimisation learning method of multi-energy microgrid considering multi-agent game
  • Fast dynamic voltage security margin estimation: concept and development
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