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Volume 3, Issue 6, December 2020

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Volume 3, Issue 6

December 2020

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    • Optimised controlled charging of electric vehicles under peak power-based electricity pricing
      Stochastic modelling of electric vehicle behaviour to estimate available energy storage in parking lots
      Combined economic emission based resource allocation for electric vehicle enabled microgrids
      Quantification of peak shaving capacity in electric vehicle charging – findings from case studies in Helsinki Region
      Planning of plug-in electric vehicle fast-charging stations considering charging queuing impacts
      Optimal operation of multi-vector energy storage systems with fuel cell cars for cost reduction
    • Conservation voltage reduction (CVR) via two-timescale control in unbalanced power distribution systems
      Isochronous control of a virtual synchronous generator using inertia and excitation emulations with restoration control in a standalone microgrid
      Decomposition approach for the interdependency analysis of integrated power and transportation systems
      Weather biased optimal delta model for short-term load forecast
      Distributed-hierarchical control strategy to coordinate peer-to-peer energy transactions and node voltages at low voltage distribution networks
      Transient and stability analysis of heterogeneous micro-grid networks subject to uncertainties
      Risk-constrained offering strategies for a large-scale price-maker electric vehicle demand aggregator
      Energy management of islanded microgrid for reliability and cost trade-off with PV, energy storage, and diesel generator
      Smart protection system for identification and localisation of faults in multi-terminal DC microgrid
      Decentralised control strategy for hybrid battery energy storage system with considering dynamical state-of-charge regulation
      Bi-level optimal bidding strategy of an aggregator in competition with rival aggregators
      Pulsed power network with potential gradient method for scalable power grid based on distributed generations
      Smart load scheduling strategy utilising optimal charging of electric vehicles in power grids based on an optimisation algorithm
      Modelling of variable-speed refrigeration for fast-frequency control in low-inertia systems

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