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Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2020

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Volume 3, Issue 2

April 2020

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    • Quantification and visualisation of extreme wind effects on transmission network outage probability and wind generation output
      Two-stage restoration strategies for power systems considering coordinated dispatch between plug-in electric vehicles and wind power units
      Resilience of the electric distribution systems: concepts, classification, assessment, challenges, and research needs
      Quantifying impacts of automation on resilience of distribution systems
      Resilient decentralised control of inverter-interfaced distributed energy sources in low-voltage distribution grids
      μPMU-based intelligent island detection – the first crucial step toward enhancing grid resilience with MG
      Hierarchical energy management scheme for residential communities under grid outage event
      Electric power grid resilience with interdependencies between power and communication networks – a review
      Generalised resilience models for power systems and dependent infrastructure during extreme events
      Modelling cascading failure of a CPS for topological resilience enhancement
    • Two stages K-means and PSO-based method for optimal allocation of multiple parallel DRPs application & deployment
      Electric spring average model development and dynamic analysis for demand-side management
      Rebound behaviour of uncoordinated EMS and their impact minimisation
      Accurate oscillatory current-sharing in DC microgrids using distributed cooperative control method
      Energy management system for residential buildings based on fuzzy logic: design and implementation in smart-meter

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