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Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2019

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Volume 2, Issue 4

December 2019

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    • Survey on time-domain power theories and their applications for renewable energy integration in smart-grids
    • Optimisation framework for the operation of battery storage within solar-rich microgrids
      Forced oscillation source location in power systems using system dissipating energy
      Smart household management systems with renewable generation to increase the operation profit of a microgrid
      Reinforcement learning method for plug-in electric vehicle bidding
      Optimal placement of data concentrators for expansion of the smart grid communications network
      Distribution systems resilience enhancement via pre- and post-event actions
      Unbalanced multi-phase distribution grid topology estimation and bus phase identification
      Improved plug–play SV with virtual inertia for enhancing the stability of high RES-penetrated grids
      Optimal automatic generation controllers in a multi-area interconnected power system with utility-scale PV plants
      Optimal agency contract for incentive and control under moral hazard in dynamic electric power networks
      Assessing the benefits of capacity payment, feed-in-tariff and time-of-use programme on long-term renewable energy sources integration
      Rule-based classification of energy theft and anomalies in consumers load demand profile
      Grid integration and a power quality assessment of a wave-energy park
      Enhanced MPPT method based on ANN-assisted sequential Monte–Carlo and quickest change detection
      Analysing dynamics and synthesising a robust vector control for the dc-voltage power port based on the modular multilevel converter in multi-infeed AC/DC smart grids
      Clustering-based method for the feeder selection to improve the characteristics of load shedding
      Hierarchical control system for a flexible microgrid with dynamic boundary: design, implementation and testing

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