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Volume 2, Issue 3, September 2019

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Volume 2, Issue 3

September 2019

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    • Optimal day-ahead operation of user-level integrated energy system considering dynamic behaviour of heat loads and customers' heat satisfaction
      Dual-loop control strategy applied to the cluster of multiple nanogrids for rural electrification applications
      Smart energy coordination of autonomous residential home
      Smart coordination schemes for multiple battery energy storage systems for support in distribution networks with high penetration of photovoltaics
    • Linear matrix inequality approach in stability improvement through reactive power control in hybrid distributed generation system
      Operating mechanism for profit improvement of a smart microgrid based on dynamic demand response
      Energy trading framework for electric vehicles: an assignment matching-theoretic game
      Data-driven online distributed disturbance location for large-scale power grids
      Optimal economic dispatch of combined cooling, heating and power-type multi-microgrids considering interaction power among microgrids
      Practical distributed voltage control method for efficient and equitable intervention of distributed devices
      Generator-based threshold for transient stability assessment
      Robust adaptive H-infinity based controller for islanded microgrid supplying non-linear and unbalanced loads
      Enhanced primary frequency control from EVs: a fleet management strategy to mitigate effects of response discreteness
      Intelligent approach-based hybrid control algorithm for integration of solar photovoltaic system in smart grid environment
      Data modelling of converters for the automation and monitoring of MTDC grids
      Decentralised control and fault ride-through of a multi-microgrid system
    • Case study on the effects of partial solar eclipse on distributed PV systems and management areas

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