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IET Signal Processing

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  • Audio Classification using Braided Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Recursive coupled projection algorithms for multivariable output-error-like systems with coloured noises
  • Deep-learning-based beamforming for rejecting interferences
  • A Novel Eye Blink Artefact Detection Algorithm from Raw EEG Signals Using FCN Based Semantic Segmentation Method
  • Design and FPGA Implementation of Lattice Wave Digital Notch Filter With Minimal Transient Duration.
  • Learning-based design of random measurement matrix for compressed sensing with inter-column correlation using copula function
  • Automatic EEG eyeblink artefact identification and removal technique using independent component analysis in combination with support vector machines and denoising autoencoder
  • Source localization using TDOA and FDOA measurements under unknown noise power knowledge
  • Survey of CSI Fingerprinting-based indoor positioning and mobility tracking systems
  • Memristor dynamics involved in cells communication for a 2D nonlinear network
  • Multiwindow Discrete Gabor Transform using Parallel Lattice Structures
  • Improving speech enhancement by focusing on smaller values using relative loss
  • aiMRS: A feature extraction method from MRS signals based on artificial immune algorithms for classification of brain tumours
  • Time-variant focused range-angle dependent beampattern synthesis by frequency diverse array radar
  • Two-stage clutter and interference cancellation method in passive bistatic radar
  • Review of advanced computational approaches on multiple sclerosis segmentation and classification
  • Probability decision-driven speech enhancement algorithm based on human acoustic perception
  • Perturbation Analysis of Signal Space Fast Iterative Hard Thresholding with Redundant Dictionaries
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