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IET Signal Processing

Volume 9, Issue 4, June 2015

Volume 9, Issue 4

June 2015

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    • Calibration algorithm for multiplicative modelling errors using constant modulus auxiliary signals
      Derivation and analysis of incremental augmented complex least mean square algorithm
      Robust filtering for uncertain networked systems with randomly delayed and lost measurements
      Fractional 90° phase-shift filtering based on the double-sided Grünwald–Letnikov differintegrator
      Gaussian sum filter of Markov jump non-linear systems
      Extraction of adaptive wavelet packet filter-bank-based acoustic feature for speech emotion recognition
      Frequency-domain adaptive algorithm for improving the active noise control performance
      Sinusoidal frequency estimation by multiple signal classification in frequency domain beam-space
      Adaptive divided difference filter for parameter and state estimation of non-linear systems
      Range-resolution improvement for spaceborne/airborne bistatic synthetic aperture radar using stepped-frequency chirp trains
      Optimisation of multiple feature stream weights for distributed speech processing in mobile environments

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