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IET Signal Processing

Volume 9, Issue 3, May 2015

Volume 9, Issue 3

May 2015

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    • Real-time mining of epileptic seizure precursors via nonlinear mapping and dissimilarity features
      Signal reconstruction for near-field source localisation
      Energy-efficient data fusion over wireless channels with power control
      Coherence-based analysis of modified orthogonal matching pursuit using sensing dictionary
      Separation of undersampled composite signals using the Dantzig selector with overcomplete dictionaries
      Generalised sampling theory with rational sampling factors
      Base station beamforming technique using multiple signal-to-interference plus noise ratio balancing criteria
      Efficient approximation for linear and non-linear signal representation
      Processing algorithms for three-dimensional data compression of ultrasonic radio frequency signals
      Two-stage robust extended Kalman filter in autonomous navigation for the powered descent phase of Mars EDL
      Outage probability analysis of multiple input multiple output ad-hoc networks with random topology

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