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IET Signal Processing

Volume 8, Issue 7, September 2014

Volume 8, Issue 7

September 2014

Blind spot reduction in wavelet transform-based time–frequency domain reflectometry using Gaussian chirp as mother wavelet
Optimal normalisation of prediction residual for predictive coding with random access
Maximum empirical likelihood estimation of time delay in independently and identically distributed noise
Amplitude-phase discontinuity calibration for phased array radar in varying jamming environment
Improved higher order robust distributions based on compressive sensing reconstruction
Compressed sensing with partial support information: coherence-based performance guarantees and alternative direction method of multiplier reconstruction algorithm
Quantised innovation Kalman filter: performance analysis and design of quantised level
Multiresolution wavelet-based QRS complex detection algorithm suited to several abnormal morphologies
Robust compressed sensing with bounded and structured uncertainties
Optimal rate allocation for speech enhancement using remote power-constrained wireless microphones
Compressed sensing-based unequal error protection by linear codes

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