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IET Signal Processing

Volume 8, Issue 6, August 2014

Volume 8, Issue 6

August 2014

Reversible video data hiding using neighbouring similarity
Joint source localisation and sensor refinement using time differences of arrival and frequency differences of arrival
Power spectral density of pulse train over random time scaling
Mixed sources localisation using a sparse representation of cumulant vectors
Unconstrained linear combination of even mirror Fourier non-linear filters
Definition of adaptive detection threshold under employment of the generalised detector in radar sensor systems
New fast algorithm for optimal design of block digital filters by skew-cyclic convolution
State filtering and parameter estimation for linear systems with d-step state-delay
Reconstruction of multidimensional bandlimited signals from multichannel samples in linear canonical transform domain
Linear minimum-mean-square error estimation of Markovian jump linear systems with randomly delayed measurements
Wideband digital integrators and differentiators designed using particle swarm optimisation
Digital removal of pulse-width-modulation-induced distortion in class-D audio amplifiers
Convergence analysis of a joint signal-to-noise ratio and channel estimator for frequency selective channels in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing context

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