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Volume 8, Issue 5, July 2014

Volume 8, Issue 5

July 2014

Adaptive genetic algorithm-based approach to improve the synthesis of two-dimensional finite impulse response filters
Robust adaptive beamforming algorithms using the constrained constant modulus criterion
Sparse representation-based feature extraction combined with support vector machine for sense-through-foliage target detection and recognition
Generalised Kalman filter tracking with multiplicative measurement noise in a wireless sensor network
Systematic approach in designing wavelet packet modulation-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing radar signal by applying the criterion of least-squares
Bias compensation-based recursive least-squares estimation with forgetting factors for output error moving average systems
Design of low-complexity scheme for maintaining distortion-free multi-carrier communications
Robust and rapid converging adaptive beamforming via a subspace method for the signal-plus-interferences covariance matrix estimation
Competitive linear parallel interference cancellation detection based on monotone line-search techniques
Fast mode decision scheme using sum of the absolute difference-based Bayesian model for the H.264/AVC video standard
Matching pursuit for direction of arrival estimation in the presence of Gaussian noise and impulsive noise
Sparsity-based space–time adaptive processing using complex-valued Homotopy technique for airborne radar
Faster mode determination algorithm using mode correlation for multi-view video coding

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