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IET Signal Processing

Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2014

Volume 8, Issue 2

April 2014

Distributed consensus-based Kalman filtering in sensor networks with quantised communications and random sensor failures
Voicing detection based on adaptive aperiodicity thresholding for speech enhancement in non-stationary noise
A method for joint angle and array gain-phase error estimation in Bistatic multiple-input multiple-output non-linear arrays
Data detection and coding for data-dependent superimposed training
Detection of unknown and arbitrary sparse signals against noise
Blind joint estimation of channel order and the number of active users in direct sequence code-division multiple-access multi-path channels
Robust speech recognition using harmonic features
Aliasing-free micro-Doppler analysis based on short-time compressed sensing
Performance analysis of partial support recovery and signal reconstruction of compressed sensing
Dynamic error spectrum for estimation performance evaluation: a case study on interacting multiple model algorithm
Channel gain mismatch and time delay calibration for modulated wideband converter-based compressive sampling

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