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Volume 8, Issue 1, February 2014

Volume 8, Issue 1

February 2014

Note-based alignment using score-driven non-negative matrix factorisation for audio recordings
Bayesian approach for joint estimation of phase noise and channel in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
H.264-based hierarchical two-layer lossless video coding method
Analysis by synthesis spatial audio coding
Sampling of multiple signals with finite rate of innovation and sparse common support
Two layers beamforming robust against direction-of-arrival mismatch
Diffusion adaptive networks with imperfect communications: link failure and channel noise
Signal recognition and adapted filtering by non-commutative tomography
New method for target identification in a foliage environment using selected bispectra and chaos particle swarm optimisation-based support vector machine
Track-before-detect method based on cost-reference particle filter in non-linear dynamic systems with unknown statistics
Investigation of the mechanism of improvement in improved Nyquist filters

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