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Volume 7, Issue 8, October 2013

Volume 7, Issue 8

October 2013

Multiple observer design for a non-linear Takagi–Sugeno system submitted to unknown inputs and outputs
Two-stage parameter estimation algorithms for Box–Jenkins systems
Cooperative wideband sensing based on entropy and cyclic features under noise uncertainty
Compensated robust least-squares estimator for target localisation in sensor network using time difference of arrival measurements
New inequalities on sparse representation in pairs of bases
Robust speech recognition by using spectral subtraction with noise peak shifting
Robust beamforming in circular arrays using phase-mode transformation
Model-based margin estimation for hidden Markov model learning and generalisation
Robust l 2l filtering for discrete-time Markovian jump linear systems with multiple sensor faults, uncertain transition probabilities and time-varying delays
Improved sub-band adaptive thresholding function for denoising of satellite image based on evolutionary algorithms
Multi-channels wideband digital reconnaissance receiver based on compressed sensing
High performance and low-power finite impulse response filter based on ring topology with modified retiming serial multiplier on FPGA
Networked filtering for discrete linear systems with a periodic event-triggering communication scheme
Identification of Hammerstein systems using key-term separation principle, auxiliary model and improved particle swarm optimisation algorithm
Double-level binary tree Bayesian compressed sensing for block structured sparse signals
Application of continuous-time wavelet entropy for detection of cardiac repolarisation alternans

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