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IET Signal Processing

Volume 7, Issue 7, September 2013

Volume 7, Issue 7

September 2013

Distributed relay beamforming based on worst signal-to-noise ratio constraints for multiple receivers
Cubature quadrature Kalman filter
Modified maximum a posteriori decoder architecture for low-power consumption
Optimal resource allocation for opportunistic spectrum access in multiple-input multiple-output –orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based cooperative cognitive radio networks
Spectral efficient compressive transmission framework for wireless communication systems
Eye interference reduction in electroencephalogram recordings using a radial basic function
Unsupervised optimal phoneme segmentation: theory and experimental evaluation
Double differentially coherent pseudorandom noise code acquisition method for code-division multiple-access system
Design of hybrid filter banks using norm performance measures
Bandwidth efficient power-aided semi-blind channel estimation for multiple-antenna systems
Asynchronous direct-sequence ultra-wideband communication using spatiotemporal chaotic sequences
Sequential method for speech segmentation based on Random Matrix Theory

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