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IET Signal Processing

Volume 7, Issue 4, June 2013

Volume 7, Issue 4

June 2013

Adaptive efficient sparse estimator achieving oracle properties
Detection of weak signals based on empirical mode decomposition and singular spectrum analysis
Duality of linear estimation for multiplicative noise systems with measurement delay
Weighted non-linear criterion-based adaptive generalised eigendecomposition
Resource-efficient and scalable solution to problem of real-data polyphase discrete Fourier transform channelisation with rational over-sampling factor
Gaussian mixture model approximation of total spatial power spectral density for multiple incoherently distributed sources
Parallel computing for efficient time-frequency feature extraction of power quality disturbances
Rao–Blackwellised particle filtering and smoothing for jump Markov non-linear systems with mode observation
Distributed multichannel speech enhancement based on perceptually-motivated Bayesian estimators of the spectral amplitude

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