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IET Signal Processing

Volume 6, Issue 8, October 2012

Volume 6, Issue 8

October 2012

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    • New orthogonal polynomials for speech signal and image processing
      Improved architecture of complementary set of sequences correlation by means of an inverse generation approach
      Optimal prior knowledge-based direction of arrival estimation
      Reliable distributed detection in multi-hop clustered wireless sensor networks
      Movie abstraction via the progress of the storyline
      Seeker optimisation algorithm: application to the design of linear phase finite impulse response filter
      A novel multiple-channel active noise control approach with neural secondary-path model for interior acoustic noise attenuation of railway train systems
      Least squares symbol detection for two-antenna frequency hopping/M-ary frequency shift keying systems in the presence of follower jamming
      Set-membership constrained conjugate gradient adaptive algorithm for beamforming
      Speaker overlap detection with prosodic features for speaker diarisation
      Sample-by-sample and block-adaptive robust constant modulus-based algorithms

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