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IET Signal Processing

Volume 6, Issue 7, September 2012

Volume 6, Issue 7

September 2012

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    • Improved normalised difference vegetation index method based on discrete cosine transform and singular value decomposition for satellite image processing
      Linear coherent distributed estimation with cluster-based sensor networks
      High-quality Laplacian source quantisation using a combination of restricted and unrestricted logarithmic quantisers
      Stability of two-dimensional digital filters described by the Fornasini–Marchesini second model with quantisation and overflow
      Random finite sets-based joint manoeuvring target detection and tracking filter and its implementation
      Hybrid parallel/cascade structure for designing variable fractional-delay filters
      Bayesian recovery of sinusoids from noisy data with parallel tempering
      Generation of coloured acoustic noise samples with non-Gaussian distributions
      Source enumeration in large arrays using moments of eigenvalues and relatively few samples
      Parameter-dependent mixed ℋ2/ℋ filtering for linear parameter-varying systems
      Polynomial matrix QR decomposition for the decoding of frequency selective multiple-input multiple-output communication channels

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